When the future not exist, I'll invent it.


Welcome to distributors page. 

Are you already a well-known distributor with a national or international portfolio with BGA Rework Stations and other electronics tools?! Are you a less-known national or international distributor of BGA Rework Stations and other electronics tools?! Are you only a startup company in national or international electronics devices/tools?! Well… you’re all welcome on my site.

My projects are close to being on the market. All my projects were bought until 2017 (when were only some… ideas); buy a USA Company that would manufacture all my projects after all patents were done. All my projects are manufactured with only the highest quality components manufactured in the USA and Europe. I avoided the price of my life’s Chinese components. Many features that are “in-house made” use NASA technologies. Many materials that form my projects are used by NASA in their spaceships/satellites (for example, insulation panels/materials, the reflector for the pure energy generator, and so on…) use NASA approved materials. All my non-contact / contact temperature sensors are dynamically calibrated by a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technologies – USA, the world’s most famous/accurate standard provider) traceable certificate.

The software part of my projects/products is written in Lab View (National Instruments – a USA company).

As you can see from above, the curriculum vitae on my projects use the highest possible standards and components available today.

Let’s spread toughener in the world, the future… Today.

Please read with attention all information from BGA Rework Station (this website… Station at singular) and the sister site (Stations at plural) BGA Rework Stations. Only in that way will you fully understand my projects/products.

You can distribute three models of BGA Rework Stations, many revolutionary Reflow machine models, BGA Franchise, maintenance, consumables, and more…