Bga Rework Station

BGA Rework Station

Here it is probably the only place, all over the internet, where you can learn about BGA Rework Stations. About Rework Process, Selective Soldering, Best practice and much more. Please be sure that you read all information / all pages on this site, among with the information on that (sister) site…BGA Rework

Please pay attention to the fact that in time I’ll change, / add, many things on these sites until it will be the final version. For the moment I work on content structure, to systemize the information, to complete all content that I’ll collect over many years. Daily will be updates, new entries, new pages, new structures and more… So… Please be patient!

  • A Bga Rework Station is not;
  • Every popcorn machine.
  • Every pizza machine
  • Each and every Santa Claus cousin that are sold all over the internet as a “Professional BGA Rework Station”.
  • On this website you can learn about what mean a Real Professional BGA Rework Station, a Real Professional Rework Process, A Real Professional Selective Soldering Process / machine and much more.

Touch the accordion title below (+ or – sign)… to expand or contract the accordion details… The accordions have only partial information here on the front / home / landing page (this actual page). Best reading experience you’ll have if you use the menu. The menu is the only way to complete navigate over the entire website! On another (detailed description page) the accordion have function of menu or detailed description for something! To don’t forget… This site is intended to be read on PC / MAC Computer, on tablets, but I do some efforts to be used included on smartphones, the best reader experience is on the PC / MAC computers.

Welcome to my site    BGA Rework Station.   Let's Rock!

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Projects for BGA Rework Station

My projects, a starting point for me and for you. For you to start learning about BGA Rework Stations and for me to start to organize my projects, my ideas, my tests and more… 

  • Phoenix – Professional / Expert
  • Thunderbird – Processional / Expert
  • Alien – Expert / Extreme
  • 4Ssystem
  • IoT / AI
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Collaboration @ BGA Rework Station

Like an ant army, the power of professionals it is in collaboration.

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About BGA Rework Station

Are you curious to know anything about me?! Here it is the place where you can start.

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Investors @ BGA Rework Station

Are you a potential investor?! It is the time to pay attention.

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Distributors @ BGA Rework Station


Are you a national or international distributor?! It is the time to pay attention.

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Franchise @ BGA Rework Station

Let’s do some simple math… Worst case…


Let’s do some simple math… Best case…


Another math… Efficient case…


Pessimistic -16,000 from above are… $16,000

Optimistic – 48,000 from above are… $48,000

Efficient – 144,000 from above are… $144,000

All above at month / 20 days of work / month. City > than 100,000 habitants…

Inversion $30,000 – $100,000

So… Pragmatic. So… simple… I cache your… Attention?! Touch here if your answer is yes…