When the future not exist, I'll invent it.


Welcome to… BGA Franchise.

So… You see many successful franchises around you. In fact, the franchise environment is more developed / expanded that you can believe. All over the world, the franchise environment is implemented in many, various, curious environments. From food to rope, from wheels tire to mechanic services, from pharmacy to insurance and so on. In electronic field for example are many franchises implemented, from selling to servicing, from insurance to recycling and more.

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What is the field that cover the BGA Franchise @ BGA Rework Station?!

That question has a very simple answer, will cover the BGA Chips in all / widest electronics industry possible. Let’s explain in short for you what it is the BGA Chip and what this chip need a franchise at world level

BGA – A electronic chip that are use at world level in all electronic device. Some examples for devices that use bga chips:

  • ECU / Engine Control Unit – automobile, tractors, plains boats, bikes, trucks and much more…
  • Phones, laptops, tablets, PC’s, MAC’s, Servers, Displays and so on…
  • In every house tools like TV’s, Audio, Video, cook tops, microwaves, alarms, cameras and so on…
  • In medical device, in any automotive device… 
  • Nowadays, all electronic devices are using the BGA chip.
  • Avionics, space, science and technologies companies, component manufacturing company…
  • In short words… In all.
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Here you have some examples of BGA Chips.

Bga Chips Examples

But… this BGA chip present some particular propriety that make from him very perishable in time with very easy repair solution. Due to the highest components’ integration, almost all this kind of chis are self heating. When it’s heating the chip expand, when cooling the chip contract. Sooner or later, this expanding and contracting physical processes will break the soldered connection between board PCB and the BGA Chip, generating malfunction on the device where the BGA Chip are mounted.

Until now, the only feasible possibility to solution that problem, it is to change the entire electronic board (high price solution, most of the time the board are not changed, and the device are trashed). Until now, an electronic board was Impossible to repair when it has a BGA Chip malfunction due to the fact that this tool, a Real Professional BGA Rework Station, wasn’t invented… Yet.

On this site I present my 3 models of Real Professional BGA Rework Stations that comply with the highest electronics standards, on this way, made possible perfect repair of that defective boards equipped with a BGA Chip.

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Advantage on repair that boards where the BGA Chips are present:

  • Low cost for repairing a board versus change entire board / device.
  • Time to give a solution for a device that doesn’t work is short.
  • Time to market is the smaller possible time due to the fact that in almost all cases you already have all components. The only need it is to renew them.
  • The repair process warranty it is “Like New“, in that way, offering a new life for that device.
  • Less electronic garbage, make the repair process planet friendly.
  • And more…
  • New … BGA Franchise!

So… Here, I’ll show you only some reasons to be a part of BGA Rework Station Franchise. That franchise will be implemented at world level. From an isolated BGA Rework Station laboratory to international network BGA Rework Station Franchise, you are welcomed to find a place where your work is useful, you are welcome to take a part from this pie.

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You can start with small amount of money and mount a small shop in a small city, you can multiply your investment in two or more BGA Rework Station shops, you can mount a number of shops that are needed in function of how big is your town or… you can make an extrapolated a business strategy at country / continental level. All this is up to you and up to you starting financial power.
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Let’s do some simple math…

This I’ll post on the front page.  I will detail below this simple math calculation and I will extrapolate at various initial financial inversions, versus revenues, versus time. Please remember that for the moment, at this time, until now, this type of franchise doesn’t exit, this type of franchise it is on his starting point. Nowadays exist all possibility for BGA Rework Station franchise… Piece of pie. As the time pass, more and more franchise will be mounted, and it is possible that near you, already another BGA Rework Station franchise already exist. So… For BGA Franchise… First come… First served!!!

Let’s do some simple math… continued…

Let’s do some simple math… Worst case… 50X2=100X8=800X20=16,000…

Let’s do some simple math… Best case… 50X6=300X8=2,400X20=48,000

Another math… Efficient case… 48,000X3=144,000

  • Pessimistic -16,000 from above are… $16,000
  • Optimistic – 48,000 from above are… $48,000
  • Efficient – 144,000 from above are… $144,000

At month / 20 days of work. City > than 100,000 habitants…

Inversion $30,000 – $100,000

As that McDonald’s it have 38,000 franchise in the world (at this time… 2023), mean that the BGA Franchise can be spread at least on 38,000 locations. Personally, I think that the number of locations where the BGA Franchise can be located, are 10 time more locations… around 400,000 locations all over the world!

  • New … BGA Franchise!

If these numbers cache, your attention is the time that you truly start learning about BGA Rework Stations, about BGA Rework Process, about BGA Franchise. It is the time that you start to filter, compare the information that exist all over the internet and on this two websites… BGA Rework Station (this website) and BGA Rework Stations (BGA Rework Stations / plural). On that two websites you’ll have comparatively from two point of view all necessary information to compare from pseudoscientific / scientific point of view.

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Independent of that, you are a professional in electronic service, an electronic service shop, an electronic service laboratory, a big / huge electronic manufacturer company, a big / huge electronics assembly company… You must learn all about BGA Rework Stations and BGA rework process to arrive the highest possible quality on this job.

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Let’s define some terms and the complexity of the Rework Process:

  • One Rework Process – dismount and mount a BGA Chip.
  • Operator / Operators – you or your employee/s
  • Shift – 8 hours working time
  • Machine operator – The man (technician / operator) that work with BGA Rework Station only.
  • Cleaning operator – The man (technician / operator) that clean the PCB and The BGA Chip.
  • Reballing operator/s – The man (technician / operator) that mount the balls on the BGA.
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  • The entire Rework Process can do it one operator or multiple operators.
  • The entire Rework Process can do it one man (you or one of yours employee). 
  • The entire Rework Process can do it multiple operators.
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Please pay attention. The Rework Process is a highly qualified process. The Rework Process it is a highly complex / complicated process.

Despite on what you find all over the internet (false / fake guru’s false fake information on the simplicity of the BGA Rework Process), the BGA Rework Process are not a simple process. Over the last 35 years, “well-known manufacturers” try various erroneous technologies to solve his own “BGA Rework Stations” errors / problems and do not get it…

Unfortunately, all over the world / internet you have only two sources of information about BGA Rework Process and BGA Rework Stations… One is this site… BGA Rework Station and another is BGA Rework Stations.

I’ll need to be a high qualified electronic professional? I’ll need to have highly qualified professionals in electronics fields?!

  • New … BGA Franchise!

The short answer is… yes and no.

Why … yes?!

If you are a professional in electronic field and buy for your account, one of my BGA Rework Station, you will learn on your own account to use it (you’ll have many videos and documentation for free and paid), upon what time and what amount of money has invested to form your skills… 

Why… no?!

Simply, you buy a franchise… Behind you are AI (Artificial Intelligence) and an entire team of professionals in electronic, soldering specialists, rework specialists, reflow specialists and much more that support you. You’ll have access to all my videos, free all paid videos (for franchise all normal paid video for another… are free) You can’t make mistakes. Upon your needs, you can be monitored online, bulletproof free mistakes.

That is all for the moment, in the future will be more details…

  • New … BGA Franchise!
Pngegg 20

Warning / warning / warnings.

I’ll start with warnings about a huge error that I’ll see all over the internet. You have 10 BGA Rework Process at a month and for that reason you want to buy a Professional BGA Rework Station. Until now, nothing bad. For that purpose, you’ll choose an “entry-level” or a “low cost” BGA Rework Station. Well… Here you start the errors! You are not well-informed about BGA Rework Stations, about the BGA Rework Process, you search to “buy for price”

  • New … BGA Franchise!

That is the biggest error that many, so many buyers of garbage made and after that are crying on various “professional forums” all over the internet about the fact that don’t know how to work with his new toy. It is not about that, it is not about that you don’t know to work with that garbage, the impossibility to work with your toy is not because you don’t know using it, it is because it is impossible to work with that garbage. You are bought a popcorn machine or a pizza machine or a Santa Claus cousin, you are not bought a real Professional BGA Rework Station.

Well… you are not alone. From my researches about that problem over the Internet, more than 100,000 of that garbage are now in the market. Only PDR-Rework claim that sold until now 4,500 pcs of his garbage. If they claim that… Well… let say… ERSA garbage sell 10 time more due to the fact that “hot air / nitrogen capable” are 10 time more popular than the “focused light” imbecility. The rest of calling themselves “well-known manufacturers” sold the rest…

The marketing policy of all that “well-known manufacturers” are the same for all…

  • High accuracy of temperature sensors, usually ± 1 °C.
  • High yield for the Rework Process, usually from 95% to 99%.
  • Ultra-high performance temperature control for BGA chip and PCB.
  • Easy operating for the garbage they sold you.
  • Using high ranking marketing words like professional, hybrid, expert and many others…
  • Infinite warranty and support… But that of course after that you buy it, after that you buy… nothing.
  • Using highly / well-known names like NASA, Intel and another success companies names.
  • And more, in fact, all that they can to manipulate you to buy garbage, all they are lying you in face.

But that all are only… Affirmations. No proofs from any “well-known, professional manufacturer” are provided about what they affirm or promise.

So… all they… promise anything, only to buy his garbage, after that… you’ll cry… alone.

Please believe me, I know what I’ll write here. Doesn’t exist nowadays, the BGA Rework Station.

Same as you, an electronic professional, same as you are manipulated and the big electronic company that for some reason need a professional BGA Rework Station. The guy from tools acquisition know nothing about the subject, are “buying for well-known manufacturer’s policy” and when the guy that will work with the garbage and have poor result… Are sent it to… “IPC course to take an ass paper… IPC Certificate” at poor guy with the hope that the guy will be blessing with holly spirit and will know to work with the Holly Grail.

  • New … BGA Franchise!

So… If you have 10 BGA Rework Process at a month… don’t make above errors. Think that, a Real Professional BGA Rework Station from my tools will cost you from $30,000 and up… With $500 at a month (that you will win with your 10 BGA Rework Process / month), you will recover the inversion in 6 years!. If that is ok for you, be my guest.

  • New … BGA Franchise!

But you’ll have another possibility. As you’re with 10 BGA Rework Process at month, close of you’re almost sure that are some friends / colleagues that have same amount of BGA Rework Process at month. If you have another 4 colleagues / friends that spread the price ($30,000) in five, you’ll spend only $6,000 each and will recover the inversion in a year and half. If you have… let say another 9 colleagues / friends… you split the price ($30,000) in 10 parts – $3000 for each of you and have 100 BGA Rework Process at moth… $5000 at month! You’ll recover the inversion $30,000 in less than…6 month.

That is the best practice / the best approach to have a Real Professional BGA Rework Station with low inversion cost.

  • New … BGA Franchise!
Pngegg 2023 02 22T004804.794

Let’s detail this simple math, and all simple logics that are behind that simple math and BGA Rework Station franchise pie.

As I say before… The BGA Chip later or sooner need rework. That attribute give us / you the huge chance to do that BGA Rework and, of course, make money. 

A rework process can be split in two parts, un mount the BGA Chip and mount the “re balled BGA chip”. Each part took more or less 5 minutes, so… The Rework Process took 10 minute.

  • New … BGA Franchise!

That mean that in 1 hour you can do a maximum of 6 Rework process with a machine.

So… $50 (each Rework Process) X 6 / hours = $300 that you can win / hour

$300 / hour X 8 hour / shift = $2,400 / shift – 8 hours of labor.

A day can have 3 shits of 8 hours

$2,400 / shift – 8 hours X 3 shifts – 8 hours = $7,200 total / day of labor.

In less than 5 days the $30,000 that you invest in a Real Professional BGA Rework Station are recovered, all that you win after that 5 days are pure profit!!!


  • New … BGA Franchise!

$7,200 at day X 20 days at month = $144,000 at month of pure profit!!!

$144,000 at month X 11 labor moth at year = $1,584,000 at year of labor, pure profit!!!

Give me please another example for a franchise that with an initial inversion of $30,000 can win $1,500,000!!! 

Doesn’t exist.

The above math only demonstrate the theoretical profit potential of a Real Professional BGA Rework Station.

Please pay attention, all above are pure theory!!!

Back to the earth, back to the real life…

To have $1,584,000 profit in one year you need… 31,680 devices that have problems with BGA Chips in a year!!! Let split this number…

31.680 defective devices / 11 months = 2,880 defective devices at month

2,880 defective devices at moth / 20 labor days at month = 144 defective devices at Labor Day.

144 defective devices split at 24 hours = 6 defective devices at 1 hour!

If you think that in a town with 50,000 – 100,000 habitants, in an hour are breaking 6 devices between laptops, PC’s, MAC’s, PDA’s cars, tractors, truck’s, buses, industrial electronics, phones, and you name it…

You are right… It broke!!!

  • New … BGA Franchise!

The only problem that you have is… to find that 6 broken device in that hour!

Are you ready for that?! If you’re ready for that… you’re my guest.

Above, I’ll demonstrate for you the incommensurate potential of this franchise.  I think that in this world doesn’t exist same or similar business!

All that with $30.000 of initial inversion!

What if… you’ll buy from start… 10 BGA Rework stations?! $300,000 initial inversion?!

$1,584,000 X10 = 15,840,000 of pure profit on a year.

What if… you’ll buy from start… 100 BGA Rework stations?! $3,000,000 initial inversion?!

$158,400,000 of pure profit on a year.

From the math / logical point of view… only in Madrid / Spain (almost 7,000,000 habitants) can work 100 BGA Franchise…

  • New … BGA Franchise!


And the rest will be… history…

Probably the only business in the world that in a year can multiply $1 by 52.8. You invest $1 and after a year (of hard work) the $1 is $52.8…

Don’t think that is an easy business. No, sir, it is not. But Please believe me that is straight-up possible both from a theoretical and practical point of view.

Q.E.D. – quod erat demonstrandum. Demonstrandum… Est!

For future details, updates… Please do not forget to stay in touch…

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