When the future not exist, I'll invent it.


Short version of history about my projects. Investor.

Nowadays, I have more than 35 years in electronics service and much more in learning, practicing electronics. Over this year’s inevitably my reverse engineering skills were trained, enriched by daily cumulated experience on my job. Over that 35 years, I’ll repair all kind of industrial electronics for customers from 5 continents. 

Back in 2012… I want to buy a Professional BGA Rework Station. So far so good… As many other (more than 100,000 peoples) I want to buy a “well-known manufacturer” device. I’ll stop at PDR-Rework / IR-E6 garbage model, about $70,000. So far… So good… Or not…

Fortunately, at that time I don’t have enough money on my wallet, at this time I’ll win about $10.000 for month. So I plan that in a few months to be able to save money to buy that $70,000 garbage.

In time that I’ll work to do my job, repair defective electronic things, I take various looks on internet to put me at day with what exist in the market about BGA Rework Stations. I take a look in detail in particular at that  PDR-Rework / IR-E6 garbage to see more details, to understand the functionality of that garbage.

First thing that I’ll see was the price, my conclusion at that time was that the price is overpriced. I study in detail why seems that the price are overpriced, I do some reverse engineering about the principle that form the base of his Rework process vision.

I was horrified!

 What I discover after my theoretical reverse engineering absolutely terrify me when I remember that I’ll want to buy that garbage.

My conclusions about PDR-Rework / IR-E6, from a scientific / technological point of view, were that that guys have nothing to do with science, technology or best practice. That guy’s only cheat the potential clients with his products.

I restart my research on internet to find another “professional manufacturer”, another model that I can buy.


Incredible… I found… NOTHING!

That NOTHING make me crazy because at that time it has been essential for me to buy a Real Professional BGA Rework Station (at that time I’ll have more than 20 BGA Rework process that wait… with $2,500-3,500 each process), so… Without a BGA Rework Station, I lose a huge amount of money. I give it a try with another company that claim that have more than 60 pcs of “Professional BGA Rework Station”. Short story… it broke two board due to the fact that it have garbage, not BGA Rework Stations.

I’ll go back to my searches, and I’ll find… the same nothing to buy.

I’ll give up on the idea of repairing that device and I lose a huge amount of money (about $50,000-$70,000). On the next 10 years, I refused to try to repair more than 150 pcs. from the same device, due to the fact that I don’t have a tool for that. You can do some simple math to see what amount of money I’ll lose.

From 2012 to 2017, periodically I do some research on the internet to see if appeared something that I can buy. Investor


 This nothing make me crazy and when a thing makes me crazy I’m “fast and furious”. Investor

I think that it is impossible that an entire world are unable to manufacture in almost 40 years even just one model of a truly / real Professional BGA Rework Station.

So… In 2017, I think that the present is hopless, the future doesn’t exist… Well… if the future doesn’t exist… I’ll invent it.

In my mind I think… with $100.000 almost sure I can manufacture a real Professional BGA Rework Station.

What an ignorant I was! But… lucky!!! – the opportunity to manufacture a real BGA Rework Station was unexpected!!! If I need one… Almost sure that another guy’s… Need one! Same unexpected, incredible niche in the market I’ll don’t expect!!! 

But… it is. And the rest is… history



First, I do some simple math to see if it is worth or not worth. The numbers tell me that it is worth.

After that, I go to banks. I have a project, almost sure that so interesting project will have a bank financing. Ups… The bank say… “we do not finance ideas”. My intuition say that without banks, finance will be a… long… long journey.

It was.

From 2017 until now… I test / probe all possible technology that can be used to manufacture a real Professional BGA Rework Station. I test / probe even that pseudoscientific / pseudo technology, sciences / technologies that all “well-known / professional manufacturers”  are using to manufacture garbage. Investor


Step by step, I eliminate the improper technology from my list and remain the only… good / the best technologies that can be used to manufacture a real Professional BGA Rework Station. Investor

Step by step I understand in deep the rework process, reflow process and here, when I understand in deep the reflow process… 

I saw that the entire electronic manufacturing industry are wrong!

They use, for about 50 years, the same errors to assembly electronic components on the PCB. Investor

Another niche in the market!!! Investor

They spend about 5 minute to assemble electronic components on a board. I can do the same thing in… 10 seconds with 15 times less energy consumed and many other advantages.

This reflow process is one of my projects, in fact it is the project that will have a huge impact in the most essential industry… Electronic device manufacturing.

2023 – Six year later… and almost $500.000 spent from my pocket…

I learn / understand what I need in 2017, I learn, buy, manufacture in my garage all and every technology that I need to manufacture a Real Professional BGA Rework Station and a real professional Rework machine.

In fact, I have three project about BGA Rework Stations and one project about Reflow machines. Investor

It was a long… long journey (as my intuition say in 2017 when the banks refuse to finance my projects). But was a pleasant journey.

As it says, my favorite motto: “Go where there is no path, and leave a trial for other to follow.” Investor

In this time… was a stupid accident (I lose all 2019 in hospital), was a stupid COVID-19, was a huge amount of time loosed.

I passed all Alpha tests, I manufacture in Alpha stage the hardware, the software for all my projects. Investor

In 2017, I buy (inspired, was pure luck that nobody buy before me…) the https://bga-rework-station.com and https://bga-rework-stations.com domains / websites. First at singular, bga-rework-station.com, the second at plural bga-rework-stations.com

In the first (singular) – bga rework-station.com (here / this website) I’ll present / detail my projects, my patents (yes sir… it is a lot of patents involved due to the fact that I’m the only one in the world that use that technologies…). I present my idea about franchise, about world lever distribution and more. Investor

On another website – bga-rework-stations.com (plural) I’ll inform all potential buyers of garbage that exist nowadays on the market about my opinions, my findings.

On same / another website – bga-rework-stations.com I put some reviews (time dependent) about most “valuated”, “well-known manufacturers”, “professional manufacturers” on internet for popcorn machine, pizza machines, Santa Claus cousin that are sold as… “professional BGA Rework Stations” Investor

All that scientifically / technologically things that at his time I don’t have and cost me a lot of time and a lot of money to find it.

I hope that this will help some potential buyers to see that nowadays have… nothing to buy on all over the internet.

If they wait a little more time… The future will be invented and put at his disposition. If not… they can buy any of that garbage that exist nowadays on the market.it Investor


Investors… you are welcome. Your investment can do two things… First thing it is make more money for you. The second thing… it is that will short the time to put in the market my projects.

As you well know… Time is money. Nothing more true. Money put the world in rotation. So… Anytime money are welcomed. Investor

You can invest in:

  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Franchise
  • Team building
  • In any other place that the money are welcomed.

Thank you for reading my site, please pay attention to all that what I write and do not forget to stay in touch.